Illinois Library Presents Committee Information

Illinois Libraries Present is committed to creating a governance team with diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind. This commitment means having committees with representation from libraries of different sizes, budgets, service areas, and geographical areas, as well as from library staff who bring different skills, experiences, and perspectives to the core planning team. We hope you’ll join us.

When membership launches, each committee member's library must be an active member of Illinois Libraries Present.

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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for the general administration of Illinois Libraries Present including finances, membership, member communication around governance, and other general administrative tasks. It, and all working committees, are formed of members from all tiers of the group and include staff at all levels of the organizations. The Steering Committee consists of up to 15 members. Committee members shall serve 3 years. Officers will be elected each year by the Steering Committee members and consist of a Chair, Chair-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary.  

Programming Committee 

The Programming Committee brainstorms program ideas and creates the slate of ILP program offerings for adults and youth. We determine program ideas in response to priorities and interests identified by members and Illinois library patrons. To achieve this, we are responsible for identifying opportunities and trends; building relationships with publishers and agents; researching, pricing, and contracting with authors, speakers, and agents.  

Marketing Committee 

The Marketing Committee creates and grows the brand identity for Illinois Library Presents, including building library world and media relations to establish this new organization. We create promotional plans and timelines, graphics, and collateral for each event, including working with publishers or featured authors and speakers as needed to review proofs of promotional materials, sharing out event materials and their desired use to marketing leads at each participating member library, building social media engagement and more. The Committee may work with contracted designers or developers as needed.

Event Production Committee 

The Event Production Committee defines and carries out best pre-production and production practices for each program put on by Illinois Libraries Present. We determine the best platform and technology as well as provide technical support and guidance to presenters, co-hosts, and hosts for each individual event. We are responsible for coordinating software tests, testing tech, and adjusting settings for the purpose of each production, as well as recording, video post-production and distribution, when applicable.

Data & Numbers Committee

The Data & Numbers Committee compiles data for the purpose of providing statistics to stakeholders.  We work with other committees to standardize collection of data so that evaluation of events is uniform, and may work with other committees to compile and analyze survey data, help identify trends, and support Illinois Libraries Present through relevant special projects.

Development & Advocacy Committee

The Development and Advocacy Committee will work to identify opportunities for grants and partnerships to further grow Illinois Libraries Present (ILP) through funding and sponsorship. This committee will work together to submit grant applications, as well as create partnerships with organizations who would like to support the mission of ILP. In addition, the committee will focus on broadening the reach of ILP in member communities and throughout the State via press and media opportunities.