Illinois Libraries Present provides high-quality online events at equitable prices for participating member libraries of all sizes and budgets; We connect communities and audiences across the state through shared event experiences


  • To provide high-quality, high-profile events that highlight national names and social justice/DEI issues, that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive for single libraries to hold on their own

  • To reduce costs and maximize reach by taking advantage of the virtual event landscape and the collective buying power of Illinois libraries

  • To allow access to all libraries as equitably as possible, by aligning each library’s cost to participate with the size of their operating budget

  • To define clear and distinct roles among Illinois Libraries Present committees and participating member libraries, including patron contact points, marketing, invoicing, etc.


Why should you consider joining Illinois Libraries Present?

For Your Patrons

  • Share high-quality events with your patrons no matter your size, location, or operating budget

  • Share big name, nationally recognized speakers with no cost to patrons (and greatly reduced costs to libraries)

  • Provide a professionally presented program that showcases the power and value of libraries

For Your Library

  • Allows libraries to plan ahead and know what event options will be further in advance

  • Offers opportunity to shine a light on high profile topics within your respective communities

  • Avoids competing requests for collaboration among RAILS libraries

  • Streamlines communication between libraries

  • Provides a template for managing the logistics of each initiative, including marketing

  • Provides high-quality event production

  • ILP handles and provides event data and reports to share with your stakeholders and analyze trends

  • ILP offers opportunities for staff participation and growth, invites staff to lead from all positions, gain skills in large-scale event production, and work side-by-side with experts in the field